Thursday, February 10, 2011

Origami Iris Kusudama

Day 69,70,71,72 - Origami Iris Kusudama

Origami Iris Kusudama is made of 12 + 12 a total of 24 modules.The modules are the simple origami iris or origami lily .I never knew they can be made into a kusudama but thanks to the tutorial by barbabellaatje on youtube.

This kusudama may not be called as pure origami as it requires glue but you can try your hand on it.

To start with you need 12 iris to make the ball and 12 more are required to make a second layer. I have made 12 origami lily of variation type of green colour for the ball and 12 traditional lilies of orange colour to make the second layer.

The 12 liles are glued to each other in such a way that the 12 lilies make 6 squares and 8 triangles basically a cuboctahedron to make the ball.Once the ball is done its just putting the second layers to give the finishing touch.

The gluing part is really cumbersome and one needs to have patience for the same also a good glue specially when your units are small ( as in my case ). As my flowers are small I glued them first and then made the ball.

Folding Instructions:-

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