Thursday, February 17, 2011

Origami curler cuboctahedron kusudama

Day 76,77 - Origami curler cuboctahedron kusudama

Origami curler units are really simple and fast to make .They start with origami waterbomb base.

For a cuboctahedron kusudama you need 12 curler units .Sounds easy ,right!But hold on the assembly of the units is not that easy.It took me a day to understand the assembly and once I understood I felt it was easy.

Few of the curler units

I have used the Neon post it 3*3 inch papers for the curler units and the assembly doesnot require glue .I suppose that is one of the best things .

A suggestion to first timers is to use 3 differnt colours so that you can understand the assembly of the units though its not that necessary but thats just a suggestion.

Final curler cuboctahedron kusudama

Video Instruction:-
This is a nice video which teaches both the curler units and the curler cubotahedron kusudama.

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