Thursday, February 3, 2011

Origami Sailor Suit

Day 65- Origami Sailor Suit

Origami Sailor suit is similar to Origami Skirt.This one also belongs to the very easy category of origami folds.

By similar to Origami skirt I mean really similar ,except for the last fold which is backwards in the case of origami skirt this is towards the front and as you turn over the model you get Origami sailor suit.

It is a 2D model and can be used in cards.

Folding Instructions:-

You can get the diagram and animation at Origami club.

Photo Instructions:-

Step 1:-
Take a square paper with colour side up.Fold in half and unfold to pre crease.Fold along the black line as shown below.

Step 2:-
Fold along the black line outwards as shown below.

Step 3:-
Fold it in half .

Step 4:-
Turn it over .Fold along the black line backwards as shown below.


Here is the sailor suit as the top of the skirt and the skirt together.I have folded a bit at the end of the sailor suit to make it a bit sleek so that it matches well with the skirt.

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