Monday, February 14, 2011

Origami Heart bookmark

Day 74 -Origami Heart Bookmark

Happy belated valentines day to all.I know I am too late but was held up in work and also misplaced my camera( need that to post the photos of course).

Hmm... So I have an origami heart bookmark for the valentines day as it was the only thing which I could make easily and quickly with the time crunch.I spotted it on , it looked really cute with the heart bookmark made of both side red colour paper,but the photo instruction provided there seemed clumsy and the other instruction methods like PDF etc required joining the website which I didnt have the patience or interest in doing at that moment instead I felt its easier to search another site for instructions.

I found this interesting blog called Ink Stains where I found nice photo instruction for Origami heart bookmark.The instruction here are really clear with wonderful concept of using ink for the patterns on the paper.You may try that too.

Here is the heart bookmark I folded.

This needs a rectangle rather we can say two linked squares to start with and how do we get it,just take standard square and cut it in half n you get the required rectangle.

You can use both one side coloured or both side coloured paper for the purpose.The middle part is similar to the chrysanthemum folds.

I was wondering people can actually use this to propose by putting the message in the chrysanthemum part and putting the bookmark in a book and presenting the same to there valentine( if the valentine is a bookworm :D) .Thats just a thought ...

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