Saturday, February 19, 2011

Origami Tomoko fuse Espiral

Day 79 - Origami Tomoko Fuse Espiral

Origami Tomoko fuse espiral is a modular origami model.It has 4 units.The modules are really simple to fold so is the model.This model is created by Tomoko Fuse and the design is found in her book Let's Fold Spirals.The book is in Japanese but the instructions are pretty much self explanatory

It needs big square sheets of paper.They can be single side coloured or double side coloured.I would suggest to use big one side clouyred square papers and preferably the four units of different colour as it looks really good if the modules are of different colour.

You can follow the video by Origamiancy

This video is really easy to follow.It has the tutorial for both the units and the final assembly of the units to get the sprial.

The actual fold in this model start while assembling and not in the units.It doesnot use glue to assemble the units rather it uses folding :)

Here is my Espiral.


Lucas Guesser said...

Hello Anu!
I love this spiral by Tomoko, but I have never tried to fold one yet :)
But seeing your video and tips, I think I will make one too!
You have a nice blog, and I would like to invite you to visit mine:

I hope you like the content!

Have a nice day!

Josette Guerin said...

merci sublime