Monday, February 28, 2011

Origami Poinsettia

Day 88 - Origami Poinsettia

Origami Poinsettia is a modular flower but its not pure origami as it needs glue to put the petals together so also the leaves.

This model requires three units for the flower and three units for the base leaves.I have used 3*3 inch light green square papers for the leaves units and 1/4th of 3*3 inch square one side red coloured paper for the units of the flower.

Well I suppose a bit bigger squares for the units of the flower would have been better for the size of the leaves I have made.

It's really simple and it makes a nice flower for the cards.

I suppose of the various origami poinsettia models available this is one of the simplest .

Folding instructions:- origami-club

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