Thursday, May 5, 2011

Origami Alice Gray Butterfly - Design by Michael LaFosse

Day 153 - Origami Alice Gray Butterfly - Design by Michael LaFosse

Model : Origami Alice Gray Butterfly
Design : Michael LaFosse
Complexity : Medium
Folding Instruction
    Diagram : Diagram by J.C Nolan
    Book : Advanced Origami
    Video : Origamiancy
Paper : 9*9 inch one side coloured paper.

Earlier I had tried Michael LaFosse's Alexandar swallowtail butterfly .The instruction for this butterfly was available on the website by Michael LaFosse.

There were many more wonderful butterflies modeled by Michael Lafosse which I wanted to fold but could not find the instruction online neither I am that good at following the diagrams.Finally after one and a half years of folding Alexander swallowtail butterfly I found this video on YouTube by origamiancy for the model Alice Gray Butterfly by Michael Lafosse.The video was up by 2009 and I found it now that show how good I am at searching things on internet.

The instructions are quite clear.One thing to take care of ,is the instructions in the video starts with colour side up but if you want your butterfly to be colourful then start with White side up.

By the time your are finished the paper in the middle forming the body of the butterfly becomes so thick that its difficult to make further folds and it may rip so take care while folding it.


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