Friday, May 6, 2011

Origami Alexander Aztec butterfly - Design by Michael LaFosse

Day 154 - Origami Alexander Aztec butterfly - Design by Michael LaFosse

Model : Origami Alexander Aztec butterfly
Design : Michael LaFosse
Complexity : Medium
Folding Instruction
    Book : Advanced Origami
    Video : Part 1 Part 2 by elsix2006
Paper : 9*9 inch one side coloured paper.

Another one of the Michael Lafosse butterflies.This one is really nice to look at with the zigzag pattern on the wings this pattern makes it look complicated too,but the fact is its not that complicated.At least you feel so once you have folded Alexander swallowtail Butterfly and Alice Gray Butterfly.

Alexander Aztec Butterfly is a mix of both the above butterflies.It starts with similar folds as the Alice Gray butterfly.

Few Notes:-
  • Start with a fairly large paper for the first time.
  • The butterfly looks better with contrast coloured paper .
  •  I felt the folding for the body of the butterfly are similar to Alice Gray Butterfly and the video by Orgamiancy for the same part s much clearer to understand.
  • The Zigzag on the wings though look so complex but are actually easy.
  • The part where you have to pull the paper in the upper wing for shaping it take care not to damage the model.


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