Sunday, May 22, 2011

Origami Rose Kusudama

Complexity : Medium
Folding Instruction
    Diagram and Video : Rose Electra
Paper : Total units :126
 Electra as base : 30 units :1/4th of 3*3 inch post-it note
 Sepals: 12 units :3*3 inch Post-it note
 Petals: 96 (8 per flower)units: 1/4th of 3*3 inch post-it note

Rose kusuduma consists of  12 modular roses and an electra.There are 126 units in total,12*8 i.e. 96  units for the rose and 30 units of electra.Electra is used as base for the kusudama where you stick on the flowers using glue .

Make sure the electra is big enough to hold the roses.

Few of the roses

Adding roses to the electra
While adding roses to the electra make sure the rose are stacked properly else by the tme you reach to the final rose the space inside the kusudama becomes really crowded.
After adding the roses to the Kusudama
Completed Kusudama with the stash

Here I have added a stash ,a crane and beads.I made this as a mothers day gift for my mom this year.


Lucas Guesser said...

the final form is really beautiful!! :) very nice roses..

Anu said...

Thanks Lucas!

Yes the roses are nice but the kusudama didn't turn out as beautiful as I expected.

Deepika Pratap said...